We had amazing Christmas this year and we want to thank everyone who sent presents for the children. Central Church in Memphis deserves special recognition because they provided much needed new outfits for each of our children. Thank you for your generosity and prayers!.


Delia came to Agua Viva because her father abandoned their family, and her mother could not provide for Delia and her brother. After a couple of years, the siblings transitioned back to living with their mother. In order to help alleviate some of their family’s financial burdens, Agua Viva helped to cover the costs for Delia’s schooling. She recently graduated from a one-year nursing program.
We are proud of Delia’s hard work and determination. Please keep her in your prayers as she applies for a job at a local hospital. She hopes to use her salary to continue her studies and to help with her mother’s expenses.


All mailed contributions are acknowledged when received, and those acknowledgments include the cumulative yearly amount contributed by mail to that date. Thus, the last mailed donation acknowledgment received by a contributor in 2018 operates as the end of year statement for mailed contributions, and no additional end of year statement will be sent. However, for those who contributed online, they will have received an e-mail acknowledging their total online and mailed contributions in 2018. If you have any questions or wish to request another copy of your contribution statement please contact Misi Schlax at


Our director, Seño Evy, has many creative ideas for helping our children to learn life skills. She recently hosted a special restaurant style breakfast that taught the children how to behave in public settings. They learned how to order food, ask for refills, and to use their “indoor voices.” Everyone enjoyed this fun learning exercise!


It has been an exciting year for our school orchestra. In addition to obtaining a new marimba and audio equipment, “TV Maya” invited our musicians to perform on television once again. The TV production staff was impressed with how prepared our students were. Urias, one of our flutists, summed up the orchestra’s thoughts about their recent opportunity: “We’re thankful to our music director for helping to prepare us for such a special experience.”


We are happy to welcome new children to Agua Viva. Meet Wilmer (5) and William (4), brothers who live at Casa Samuel. Brothers Franklin (9) and Dilan (4) are the newest occupants of Casa David. It is a blessing to minister to these special boys!

To help our children learn about the joy of giving, Misi Schlax, our sponsorship coordinator, set up a small store so the children could use their allowances to shop for friends and family. It was an encouragement to see our children more excited about giving Christmas gifts than receiving them.