One of Agua Viva’s goals is to ensure our students understand how to apply their academic education to real life. To help accomplish this task, our school manages several new technical training programs that supplement our academic curriculum. For example, the Arts program allows students to explore their creativity by means of art and music. The Entrepreneurship for Development track integrates home economics and accounting basics. One of our recent hands-on projects involved our younger students making soap, after which the older students developed a theoretical business to sell the product. These activities will help our students to excel in life after graduation.


Over the past few years, we have continued to make changes at the Home in order to give our children more individualized care and a family atmosphere. One of these projects repurposed building space to create places where children can enjoy family-style meals together. We now have tables and small kitchenettes in our residences where house parents prepare and serve breakfast and dinner.
The children love this new arrangement and are learning valuable life skills every day!

Help us raise fund for new full color Bible Curriculum at the Agua Viva Christian School.

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Our robotics team is excited because of their upcoming participation in the Guatemala Lego League competition. This opportunity is their second year to be a part of this fun and educational activity. One of our supporters purchased a new robotics set, and the team members are hard at work preparing for their new space exploration challenge. Five of the students stay after school four days a week to work on this project and are eager to participate in the upcoming contest.


Police officers recently visited our school. Don’t worry—we’re not in trouble! Our local police spoke to students about the tragic consequences of the bad choices that some teenagers make. They gave advice on how to stay out of trouble, encouraging our students to build their lives on good values and wholesome convictions.


In Guatemala, for one reason or another, many children are not able to remain in school. Other children do not have an opportunity to attend school in their primary years. Sadly, it is difficult, if not impossible, for these older students to find an elementary school that will enroll them. At Agua Viva School we have launched a special program to help these older students complete three years of training in only one year so they can catch up to their peers. Many children who come to our Home participate in this program and one of the students from the community is taking advantage of this instruction as well. This young man is very thankful for Agua Viva because he dreams of attending middle school, and no other elementary school would assist him. We are praying this program continues to be an asset to our community.


We are blessed by the work of the Guatemala Children’s Mission Board. Each of these individuals has a heart for the ministry, serving the organization faithfully. Their vision, oversight, encouragement, and friendship are an invaluable asset to Agua Viva.