I Love My Bible

When all of the schools in Guatemala closed down, Nataly was just learning to read. Her foster parents worked hard to help her keep up with her studies, but reading has always been her most difficult subject. Nataly’s teacher was of great assistance because she suggested helpful ideas and fun activities. Nevertheless, Nataly continued to struggle.

A few weeks ago, Nataly’s foster parents bought new Bibles for her and her siblings. Tammy, her foster mom, said she’d never seen Nataly so excited before. She kept saying, “I have my very own Bible!” She immediately became motivated to read and would devote long periods of time to reading God’s Word at her own pace.

Within weeks, Nataly progressed from reading 15 words per minute to 50. Her foster parents couldn’t be happier to see her joy for Scripture. They continue to encourage her reading habits and have had many fruitful conversations with her concerning God’s work in her life.

For those of you who don’t know, Nataly and her siblings lived at Agua Viva Children’s Home for many years. When the Home ceased operations, one of our staff couples spent months obtaining the proper accreditation to foster children. They’re passionate about showing these children the love of Jesus as long as they reside in their home. Please keep this family in your prayers as they continue this new season of ministry.

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