More Than a School

When Ubalda learned she had a brain tumor, she turned to her Agua Viva family for help. Her daughter Paola has attended Agua Viva school for five years, and during that time, Ubalda has developed close friendships with many of the other mothers. When she received her diagnosis, her relatives declined to offer any assistance. Thankfully, another Agua Viva family took Paola in for a month while Ubalda received treatment in the hospital. Paola’s classmates also called and sent messages to her to encourage her during this difficult time. Additionally, several of our teachers, along with the principal, checked in on mother and daughter during Ubalda’s recovery from a successful surgery. This love and support was a huge relief for a family in desperate need.

For Paola, this past year has been filled with both difficulties and opportunities. Although learning from home in her cramped workspace has been challenging, she’s managed to keep up with her studies and has passed all of her final exams. Paola’s dream for 2021 is to be able to study with her friends in an actual classroom again. She’s also developed a passion for becoming a surgeon: “Someday, I want to help people like the doctors who helped my mom.”

(Paola is pictured here with her mother (after surgery) and her older brother who is the sole provider for their family.)

Agua Viva is more than a school that helps children get a quality education. We’ve grown into a family that shows the love of Jesus in tangible ways to our students, their families, and our entire community. We look forward to finding new ways to share the gospel and help our students growth in their faith this year. Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate the many unknowns that 2021 will bring.