Spiritual Lessons

While Covid-19 shutdowns have caused innumerable problems over the last year, there have been some “collateral blessings” along the way.  For Rafael and his family, the extended time together made their family stronger. This newfound closeness has been a great blessing because over the past year they’ve instituted daily family prayer times. Rafael explained, “These prayer times have helped us find our strength in the Lord.”

Rafael also enjoyed learning more about God through his Bible courses at Agua Viva Christian School. He remembers one particular class when the assignment was memorizing a Bible verse. As Rafael was working hard to commit this verse to memory, Jesus’ sacrificial death impacted him in a new way. He began thinking about how he wasn’t showing the love of Jesus to his family. Rafael decided at that moment that he would be kinder and more loving to his siblings and cousins. He said, “I’ve started having little talks with my youngest cousins, telling them how Jesus wants us to love each other. I’m teaching them ways to stop fighting and how to be kind to each other.” Rafael’s newfound passion is still a work in progress, but his commitment to showing Jesus’ love already has been a blessing to his entire family.

A much harder lesson came when Rafael’s grandfather passed away from Covid-19 several months ago. “My grandfather was always an example of God’s love as well as the spiritual leader of our family,” remembered Rafael. “After his death, God provided for my family through our local church. They continued to look out for us even though they knew our family had been exposed to Covid.”

While many of the national shutdowns have temporary restricted our ministry opportunities, we’ve been reminded daily that God has no limitations. His love crosses every boundary, working in wondrous ways in our school and our community. We excitedly anticipate the day when we’ll be able to open our doors fully once again. We love finding new ways to serve and love one another. Thank you for being a part of the Agua Viva family, whether you live nearby or far away. We serve the same big God who has brought us together. If you’re not already a sponsor, please consider becoming a part of God’s great work at Agua Viva today!