Becoming a Teacher

In 2011, Jorge saw a job listing for a computer instructor at Agua Viva Christian School. Since he always had dreamed of working with computers and knew the school would be a great place to find employment, he applied immediately. Deeply disappointed when he didn’t get the job, Jorge moved on and never expected to hear from Agua Viva again. In 2013 he was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from the school because it once again was searching for a part-time computer instructor.

Little did Jorge know at the time how much he would love this position. He excelled at Agua Viva, eventually being awarded a full-time job before becoming the IT director. “In the beginning I knew much more about computers than I did about teaching,” recalled Jorge. “Agua Viva game me the tools I needed to develop my skills and to become a good instructor. One of the most important lessons I learned was how big of an impact I could have on students’ lives.” This realization has prompted him to learn how to think like a student so he can develop fresh and relevant ideas that will improve the children’s learning process.

“Working at Agua Viva has been such a blessing to me. Thanks to having a steady, full-time income, I’ve been able to start building my own home, to return to college to earn a degree in mathematics, and to get married,” explained Jorge. He’s grateful to have planted his life in a school that gives so much to students not only through excellent educational programs, but also through discipleship opportunities that help to guide students down the right spiritual path.

Jorge is one of many teachers who see their jobs not just as a source of income, but also as a way to give back and to impact the lives of young people. Please help us to continue providing life-affirming jobs to members of the community while encouraging our young people to become everything God wants them to be.