Photo Highlights

 Here are a few photos of some fun memories from 2021. While we all love pictures, many of our favorite ministry moments aren’t preserved in these pictures. These highlights include the love and care our teachers showed their students, the one-on-one chats where they talked about what God was doing in their lives, the online discipleship groups where individuals ministered to each other’s needs, and the refreshing way Agua Viva family members loved one another just as Christ loves us.

For our Agua Viva family both near and far, here are some photos by which to remember God’s goodness this year!

ONLINE CLASSES: Our teachers made the most of online classes by integrating special projects and activities into our students’ schedules. (Easy at home snack ideas, Movie Day, Pajama Day, Science Experiments, theater, drama, and so much more. 

GRADUATIONS: We were so excited to be able to host in-person graduation ceremonies this year. Check out the photos from our Kindergarten, 6th Grade and 9th Grade graduations.

FIRST HIGH SCHOOL CLASS: Our very first high school class graduated this year. One of our teachers started a new CISCO network training program so each student graduated with an added certification and practical hands on training that will help in job applications.

REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE: We took advantage of the empty buildings to do a number of repairs and maintenance projects around the property. 

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: We hosted an eye clinic in partnership with Good Samaritan hospital to provided vision exams and affordable eyeglasses.

FUNDRAISER SUCCESS: Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we surpassed our fundraiser goals to remodel Casa Josue for our new daycare program. 

BIBLE TRAINING CENTER: Our new Bible Training Center hosted its first few events this year.

 NEW SCHOLARSHIPS: We are already meeting with new perspective scholarship students for next year.