Becoming a Godly Lawyer

At only 11 years old, Fernando is already committed to becoming a lawyer when he grows up. His father is a retired policeman and has encouraged him to pursue a career in law to help fight injustice in Guatemala. Fernando believes learning about God and getting a good education is vital. He told us he’s committed to studying hard to accomplish his goal: “I know that the only way to achieve my dreams is to stay in school. My father has helped many people, and I want to help people too. I know that God can help me reach my goal.”

Although Fernando only recently joined our school, he quickly came to appreciate Agua Viva’s Christian values. “I used to think the Bible was only for the church,” he said, “but now I know that God wants us to use Scripture to guide every area of our lives.”

This passionate young man has an ambitious plan for his future, and we’re thankful that you’re playing a role in his spiritual and educational formation through your contributions. Donors like you allow us to provide a high-quality Christian education, which helps our children to become what God has created them to be. Thank you!