Bible Training Center Graduations

One of our new programs, the Bible Training Center, just celebrated its second Bible Fundamentals class graduation. We’ve been offering this nine-month training course in partnership with Global Action. This cohort included schoolteachers, a rural pastor, church leaders in training, pastors’ wives, local ministry leaders, and young people who wanted to grow in their faith. It’s difficult to put into words how exciting it is to see God at work. Here’s some feedback from our graduating students:

“I expected to learn some basic knowledge of the Bible, but this course was more enriching than I anticipated. Now I better appreciate Scripture. I look forward to helping children understand the Bible.” – Mercy Morales

“I realize now I have a responsibility to make disciples, and I know that the main purpose of discipleship is to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ.” – Christian Lopez

“I’ve always struggled with sharing the gospel. Because of the Bible Fundamentals training, I now feel more confident in sharing the good news with others. I even had an opportunity to preach recently!” – Owen Car