Pursuing a Brighter Future

At 19, Denian, the fourth among five siblings, is in pursuit of a brighter future. Despite only having a primary education, his parents’ unwavering commitment to a brighter future for their children laid a foundation of hope and determination.

Denian studied at Agua Viva for 6 years  through our scholarship program and now working at Agua Viva has given him the chance to pursue a degree in law in a private college. He became the first student to receive the Matt Brittain Memorial Scholarship for University Students. With gratitude he expressed “I give thanks to Agua Viva for the opportunity of study and working, not many places give you that opportunity”

With dreams of becoming a lawyer, Denian places his plans in God’s hands, as his faith guides his path. He hopes to use his future legal expertise to empower his community with knowledge about justice and the law, helping those who may be unaware of legislative changes and reforms. His ultimate aim is to instill values and principles in young minds, steering them away from negative influences and towards the love of God. “I want to show that we’re not all the same, and we can contribute to making our country better,” explained Denian.

As we continue our mission, let us draw inspiration from Denian’s story and remember that every child has the potential to become a godly Christian adult, serving their community with love and purpose.