Raquel’s Visionary Journey

Agua Viva School shines as a place of hope and change to many families in our community. Leading this amazing journey is Raquel Gomez. For 13 years, Raquel has shown deep dedication and caring leadership, growing from a primary school teacher to the School Principal. Her story is all about her strong commitment to Agua Viva’s goals and the children it serves.

Raquel’s approach to education underwent a significant transformation when she conducted a socio-economic study within the community. “It opened my eyes,” Raquel recalls. “I realized that our mission wasn’t just about teaching academics. It was about understanding lives, opening doors to new opportunities, and caring for our students beyond the classroom.” This realization was pivotal in expanding Agua Viva’s reach, including the introduction of several extracurricular activities.

Embracing the role of School Principal 6 years ago was a major turning point for Raquel. She vividly remembers preparing for her first day in charge. “I spent the vacation reading and planning, determined to make a difference from day one,” she shares. Her initial meeting with parents marked the beginning of a journey filled with learning, planning, and deeper community engagement.

True to the school’s Christian foundations, Raquel’s leadership emphasized the importance of holistic support. “We don’t just provide education; we nurture hearts and minds,” she asserts. “Our goal is to help our children know God and carry His message of love and hope to their families.” Agua Viva’s scholarship programs are tailored to meet diverse needs, and the curriculum is complemented by afternoon tutoring sessions, ensuring comprehensive support for every child.

One of the most rewarding experiences for Raquel has been seeing the evolution of the Agua Viva community. “It’s a profound joy to now teach the children of our former students,” she reflects. This generational continuity underscores the deep-rooted trust and confidence in Agua Viva’s mission.

Raquel Gomez’s journey at Agua Viva transcends mere administrative success. Under her leadership, Agua Viva School has grown not just as a school but as a nurturing ground for future generations. Her commitment to the mission of guiding children to become godly, educated adults resonates in every aspect of her work, making Agua Viva a symbol of hope and transformation in Guatemala.