A New Chapter

Gama’s smiling presence has been woven into the very being of Agua Viva over the years. He not only grew up here but also has dedicated most of his adult life to working here. Although he has served in many roles, he eventually discovered his passion for marketing and content creation. Starting as an assistant, Gama worked his way up to heading the communications department, which handles social media, the website, newsletters, design, photography, and video projects.

Gama’s journey at Agua Viva has not only been professional, but spiritual as well. He shared with us, “I have grown in this place. God granted me the privilege of learning from people here who helped me to develop my career. They not only taught and mentored me, but also equipped me with resources to continually educate myself. Colleagues who displayed leadership and a real reliance on God have shaped my character and continue to serve as life examples for me. Through these individuals, I have experienced the love of Christ firsthand.”

Agua Viva will feel Gama’s absence deeply, but we’re also excited and proud to see him step out into the world, using what he has learned and sharing it with others. Gama plans to continue his journey in the digital marketing field and also aspires to mentor local youth by introducing them to the world of technology and instilling biblical principles of work so they can unlock doors to new work opportunities.

As a husband and father of two adorable children, Gama’s desire is to “continue teaching them what it means to live in the presence of God every day.” He and his wife are also founding members of a small local church plant where they model these lessons by building connections in their community and sharing the love of Christ.

Gama told us, “I extend heartfelt gratitude to Agua Viva and its supporters for not only blessing my childhood and giving me employment but also for the opportunity to be mentored and to nurture my faith as I discover a career which I’m passionate about. Although I’m stepping into a new adventure, Agua Viva will always be dear to my heart and part of my family.”

Join us in helping young people like Gama receive a great education and discover the love of Jesus while also developing their giftings so they can create a better future for themselves and their families.