True Gospel Servants

Years ago, Dave and Rossana moved to our community with a vision to make disciples of Jesus Christ. They began by discipling local young people, and Dave eventually became the staff pastor as well as the minister of the Children’s Home. They have served faithfully for over eleven years and have blessed us with their love for the Lord and their passion to teach the ways of Jesus.

Thanks to Dave and Rossana’s commitment to disciple others and their training in counseling and psychology, they’ve had a major impact on several aspects of Agua Viva, including Sunday services, VBS programs, Bible studies, entrepreneurship programs, and the profound work of creating long-term relationships with the children who lived here. They have continued to use their gifts to serve God through the school.

Currently, Dave ministers at the school, providing biblical counseling to students, developing personal growth programs, as well as teaching psychology and philosophy classes that are grounded in Scripture. He told us, “Working here has been more than a job; it’s about creating a holistic environment where education is infused with the teachings of the gospel.”

Rossana serves as our Bible teacher and has helped to develop our new Christian Education program. This new initiative aims to present the gospel of Jesus to every child at Agua Viva while they study the entire Bible. Rossana commented, “I’m excited to be a part of Agua Viva’s new gospel-centered missions to share the love of Jesus with our students and their families.”

Several years ago, Dave, Rossana, and the group of young people they’ve been discipling helped to plant a church that meets in our facilities. Their goal is to be faithful to the Great Commission: “We want to see believers growing in their faith and living out the gospel in every area of their lives in ways that positively affect those around them.” The new congregation is growing, and they feel blessed to see their dreams and prayers becoming a reality in our community!

God is at work here in Colonia Puerto Rico. We want to thank you for being a part of it and ask that you pray for the Lord to continue to bring more staff members like Dave and Rossana who have a passion to share the love of Jesus with our students and our neighborhood.