Yessica’s Path Back to School

Agua Viva is filled with inspiring stories. Today, we want to share with you Yessica’s story. Her hope and determination encourage us all to keep going despite adversity.

In late 2022, Yessica completed middle school here at Agua Viva. While her friends were choosing their high school career paths, Yessica’s life took a different turn because her parents lost their home and had to move into their grandfather’s residence. Faced with these difficulties and the need to build a new house, Yessica and her parents decided it would best serve the family if she helped with construction instead of continuing her education. Yessica left school resigned to the idea that her dreams of becoming a pediatrician were over.

In addition to having to halt her studies, she faced numerous other challenges. Her mother had a high-risk pregnancy that kept her hospitalized for a month and her father had to take a job far from home. During this time, Yesica stepped up for her family. She learned to administer the medication necessary for her mother’s treatment while also taking on the responsibilities of household chores and caring for her younger brother.

As the family situation became more settled, Yesica’s parents approached her about the idea of returning to school and she could have been more excited for the opportunity to continue her studies. They couldn’t afford most high school programs but they had heard Agua Viva had a new program and quickly applied for the scholarship program. Yessica was so excited to return to Agua Viva becuase she knew she would not only have opportunities for academic development, but for spiritual development as well.

Yessica and her parents are grateful to Agua Viva for this amazing opportunity. They shared that “the scholarship is a huge blessing but beyond that, the school offers so much more. Yesica has teachers who are dedicated to her academic success and are so full of love. The daily devotional times have helped her learn more about God and have taught her the habit of reading her Bible, something she didn’t do before.”

Today Yessica is in tenth grade and moving forward with her plans to go to college to become a pediatrician or a nurse. She hopes that her story can inspire others to persevere in times of difficulty, trusting that God will help them just as He has done with her family.

Thank you for supporting Agua Viva and the work God is doing here to transform lives through the gospel and to minister to students and their families as they labor diligently for a brighter future.