From Student to Teacher

In 2005, when Evelyn was 6 years old, she enrolled as a first-grade student at Agua Viva. Today, in 2024, she is an integral part of our team, serving as a Christian education teacher.

Evelyn clearly remembers the day her father told her mother that she and her older brother would begin studying at Agua Viva. Her mother’s reaction was one of surprise and reservation because they didn’t have much money. Because of their inability to pay tuition, Agua Viva offered to support both children through its scholarship program, allowing them access to quality education within their own community. During her time at Agua Viva, Evelyn was an active student. She was part of the school band, winning several communication and language competitions. During this time, she discovered her love for reading.

After graduating middle school, Evelyn received a special Agua Viva alumni scholarship to continue her high school studies in the nearby city of Chimaltenango (because at the time, Agua Viva only had an elementary and middle school program). During this period, she participated in monthly Bible studies at Agua Viva with the other scholarship students. Looking back, she sees how God used the devotionals and verse memorization to encourage her not to make poor decisions during her adolescence. Upon completing high school, Evelyn worked for two years as a Christian camp counselor.

Last year, upon learning of a job opportunity at Agua Viva, she applied for the position because she desired to give back and serve the children of her community. She explained, “I wanted to bless others the way that Agua Viva had blessed me.” Although teaching has its challenges, it also brings much happiness. “My favorite activity is modeling Christ’s love to them”, Evelyn shared. “My heart fills with joy when I see the wonder in their eyes as they discover new truths about God’s love and the gospel. I want to continue sharing truth and life with our students and hope to see the introduction of new discipleship programs so we can maintain lasting and impactful relationships with the students as they grow in their faith.”

Sharing Evelyn’s story fills us with joy. Her life is a blessing to all of us who interact with her, and her story reminds us that our work is not in vain. Our dream is to see all our students living faithfully and serving their own communities.

Be part of stories like Evelyn’s! Pray for Agua Viva, sponsor a student, or visit us on a mission trip to see the impact of your support firsthand.