Studying at Home

Like many young people these days, Karla dreams of the day she can see her classmates. “Once school starts again, I can’t wait to play soccer with my friends,” she said longingly. It’s been almost five months since the beginning of Guatemala’s lockdown, and even with these measures, coronavirus infections continue to rise within the country.

Karla misses Agua Viva Christian School greatly and has been working hard to keep up with her studies. She’s thankful the school has continued to provide lessons over the phone and through printed materials. Additionally, her teacher is offering optional online Zoom classes. Although she’s starting to get used to these video calls, she sometimes feels like everyone is staring at her.

Studying at home is challenging, but Karla is thankful to be able to continue her studies. Her dream is to be a business administrator and she knows a good education is the key to helping her achieve her dreams. She appreciates how her teacher is making such a great effort to help her continue her studies in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown.

One unexpected blessing is that Karla has taken the extra time at home to learn how to cook. Her mother has taught her to prepare rice, beans, and many other foods. She also enjoys playing with her little brother and helping to keep her house clean.

Karla is grateful to Agua Viva and to her teachers for devoting so much time and effort to her studies. Most schools have closed down completely, and as a result their students will lose an entire school year. Karla, however, has been able to stay on track with her studies.

Thank you, donors, for faithfully supporting Agua Viva during these difficult times. We’re frustrated by the limitations the lockdown has put on our ability to support our students and their families. We’re also excited by how our staff has come together to find new and creative ways to provide long distance education. Your generous provisions are crucial, timely, and appreciated!

Please Note: Our school is ready to reopen as soon as the government allows, but we still have no indication of when that might be. In the meantime, our leadership plans to extend and improve our at-home schooling as long as needed. We’ll provide you with information as soon as the Guatemalan government makes it available.