The children had a blast during their spring break holidays! Water activities, sports competitions between the houses, outdoor movie nights, and a special two-day camp hosted by a local church made lasting memories. Thank you to all of our staff and volunteers who helped make these activities a success!


Agua Viva School maintains a small scholarship program to help middle school students who want to continue their education in high school. This semester four of those students have volunteered to give back to the school that has helped them in so many ways. Jessica, one of the scholarship recipients, remarked, “Being a preschool assist is helping me better understand the career I want to pursue. I’m thankful for this experience!” It is a blessing to see how much these students appreciate their scholarships, as well as their desire to “give back” to the Agua Viva School.


Recently, our fourth and ninth grade classes initiated a community service project they named “Let’s Clean Up Itzapa.” Although the students were a bit hesitant to begin this program, they quickly became excited when they saw how much better the streets looked as a result of their efforts. They are proud of their work and are learning the importance of keeping their community clean. Way to go, kids!


Lili and Edras have lived at Agua Viva for eleven years. Several years ago, their younger siblings Ashly and Brandon joined them. When we asked them to describe their thoughts about the Home, Ashly and Brandon both answered with the words “Affection and Family.” They have come to see the staff as part of their family and are thankful for the affection and care they receive.

One of their favorite activities at Agua Viva is soccer. Edras explained: “Physical exercise helps me to get all my energy out before going back inside.” As Ashly and Brandon grow older, they are beginning to consider what their lives might be like after leaving the Home. Naturally, this prospect causes them to worry from time to time, but they pray for God to help them overcome their fears. They are working hard in their classes at Agua Viva School to learn as much as possible so that they will be prepared for the future.


To help our children better understand how to participate in a local church, they have started attending a community congregation led by Pastor Dave. Flory, one of our older girls, was “excited for the opportunity to be a part of a local church that can help me to grow spiritually. I want to better understand the church and am thinking about becoming a member.” We are excited for these new opportunities and ask that you would pray for Pastor David and the church to know best how to embrace this opportunity.


Because of our students’ hard work in their classes, our teachers wanted to do something special for their pupils. They organized a fun activity they called “Splash Day,” coordinating numerous water games. Pablito loved the change of pace that Splash Day offered: “It was great to spend time with my fellow classmates without worrying about having to study!”