A number of our children recently decided to publicly express their commitment to Jesus. Damaris, Jonathan, Ely, Yareth, Saida, Flory and Pablo were thrilled to take their journey with Jesus to the next level by obeying his command to be baptized. Pablo told us he wants to work on his character and is excited that Pastor David and the church are helping him to become more like Christ.


Professor Nehemías has been serving at Agua Viva for 16 years. Most recently, he’s been working as a house parent in Casa Josue and Casa David. He first heard of Agua Viva when his mom informed him that there was a job vacancy at the Home. When he applied, he expected to work as a maintenance assistant because of his background in construction. Little did Nehemías know that his calling was to minister to children as a house parent.

Nehemías never had worked with adolescents before coming to Agua Viva, so it was a challenging—yet rewarding—experience. He quickly learned that God had a purpose for him that allowed him to be a father figure to needy children, and to teach them God’s Word. Through this process, Nehemías learned to trust the Lord and to grow in his relationship with him. His family also has grown in the last 16 years as God has blessed him with a wife and four children. He’s thankful that what he’s learned at the Home has helped him to be a better father to his own children.


Six months ago, Alvaro, who is is 16 years old, learned that he was suffering from Guillain Barre disease. This diagnosis was discouraging news since he planned to pursue a career that requires a lot of movement. He’s been in therapy for five months, and we’re happy to report that he’s made considerable progress. Alvaro’s thankful once more to be able to stand, brush his teeth, take a shower, and make his bed.
He says that although he has to rethink his career path, he’s determined to continue his study and to research therapies that might help him to regain more movement. Please keep praying for Alvaro as he recovers and plans for his future.

At its second year of participation in the “Así es mi Guate” festival, Agua Viva School won an assortment of prizes and trophies. The elementary and middle school students participated in poetry, singing, dancing, and painting contests. As Lili said, “It was worth all the hours of practice to win a first-place trophy in poetry!” We’re proud of how our students are embracing their talents and inspiring others to do the same.

We’re grateful for our friends at Pourhouse Café and Sherwood Oaks Church in Indiana who raised funds for the purchase of a new set of computers with advanced features. Our students are thankful that they’re now able to work more efficiently on a variety of projects like programming and graphic design. Professor Jorge is thrilled that these computers are helping the children to develop new skills that will assist them in finding jobs in the future.

Our teachers recently planned a special breakfast for all of the mothers to celebrate Mother’s Day. Our students contributed to the festivities by singing, reading poetry, and performing. The director reported that numerous mothers had commented on how special these activities made them feel.