Helping Dupli

Hi! My name is Dupli, and I work at the Agua Viva Christian School in the copy department. To be more specific, I am the copy department. You see, I’m the copier. People don’t usually notice me because I sit in the corner working away. I love my job! I get to copy the materials that help teachers to educate their students. We have awesome teachers. You should see the amazing activities they create! I get to see them over and over and over and . . . well, you get the point.

I have the best coworker a copier could ask for because I work in the office with Seño Ester. She’s such a nice secretary, always smiling at the children who come to talk with her. She takes good care of me too. No matter how well I’m treated, though, over time I start to make lines in the copies. It makes me so sad. I want to make the most perfectly beautiful copies a copier can make, but lately more and more lines are making it difficult for the children to read my copies. I’m so embarrassed!

Unfortunately, copier maintenance in Guatemala is expensive. The repairman said it will cost $800 to get me back into shape. Some people asked if it’s time to buy a new copier, but even new copiers need regular maintenance, and I’m still a good worker. Ask anyone at Agua Viva! I still have a lot of good years in me. All I need is a nice little spa day—I mean, maintenance.

Would you consider helping Agua Viva by making a donation to my maintenance fund? By taking care of me, you’re helping the teachers, which means you’re really helping the children. It’s a wonderful cause. Just $5, $20, or $50 would be a great help. Thank you for considering getting me back on my feet—I mean, wheels!