Cooking and Helping My Family

Rocio is a sixteen-year-old girl who just started her first year of high school at Agua Viva. She has a long history with us because she began studying at Agua Viva School in kindergarten. She’s the oldest of three in her family, and her parents are especially excited by Rocio’s academic progress because neither of them had the opportunity to progress past the sixth grade. In spite of numerous economic difficulties, Rocio and her family have learned to trust in God, and she’s determined to keep studying so she can earn a diploma and enter culinary school. In order to prepare herself for her future career, she cooks at home in her free time. She also loves her daily devotionals because they comfort her spirit and teach her more about God.

Rocio’s five-year plan is to find a job in a local restaurant doing what she loves while at the same time assisting her family by providing much needed extra income. Without your valued assistance, it would be impossible for us at Agua Viva to help students achieve their spiritual and educational goals. Thank you for loving your Guatemalan neighbors as yourself by means of your financial support!