Just The Beginning

“Do you want to know what I learned in Bible class today?” asked 8-year-old Javier. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, and whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Despite his youthfulness, Javier had recited this verse perfectly. When we asked him what he enjoys most about Agua Viva School, he replied with excitement, “I love Bible class because I get to read stories from God’s Word and memorize verses.”

When Javier first began to attend Agua Viva, he struggled to keep up with the other students. His mother Griselda was impressed with how his teacher reached out to her personally. In this meeting, he explained the concepts that were a challenge for Javier and offered to tutor him so he could catch up. After only one year, Javier is reading on the level of other children his age without the assistance of an adult. “Learning to read is a big step toward reaching my dream of becoming a doctor so I can help others,” he told us.

Griselda, lives with her parents and her younger sister due to their economic situation. Although she has a background as an accountant, she works as a nanny to keep a flexible schedule so she can spend time with her son. Because this job provides little income, she’s thankful for the scholarship Agua Viva has awarded her son. She explained, “I want to see Javier graduate, and Agua Viva is helping to make this goal a reality.”

On behalf of the parents who desire better futures for their children, we want to say thank you for your assistance in helping us to bring a high-quality Christian education to our community. God is using your support of underprivileged families to help them receive the tools they need to break the shackles of poverty. It’s a blessing to have you as a part of the Agua Viva family!