A Safe Place

Since he was a young boy, José has struggled with several health issues. Instead of discouraging him, these problems have inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. Although he is only in the fourth grade, he’s already dreaming big: “I want to be a doctor because I want to help people who suffer from the health problems I’ve endured.”

José’s family worried how his health might affect his ability to succeed in school. They chose to enroll him in Agua Viva because they knew the school would be understanding and take good care of him. “The students are so kind to my son, and no one ever leaves him out,” said José’s mother happily. “We knew Agua Viva was the best option for our boy, but we couldn’t afford the tuition. When we found out José would qualify for a scholarship, we were overjoyed. We’re blessed to receive so much assistance for a quality education.”

When José first began his studies, his parents assumed he would struggle academically, so they’re pleased he has managed to keep up with his classmates. Even during this difficult time when Guatemalan schools have had to offer online classes, José has flourished. “Studying at home is hard,” he told us. “I look forward to returning to school and spending time with my friends. In the meantime, I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue my studies, and have enjoyed using my time at home to help my mom with chores and to learn mechanics in my dad’s auto shop.”

Families like José’s have found a safe place where all students are accepted and receive the individual attention they need to succeed. All our supporters are making a significant difference in our impoverished community. Join the Agua Viva family today by becoming a sponsor and you’ll be helping needy children like José.