Beyond Words

Henry was still in high school when he first realized he would like to work at Agua Viva. He had heard many great things about the school and wanted to be a part of a ministry that focused on helping children.  When he finally graduated and started searching for a job, he decided not to apply at Agua Viva until he had more experience on his resume. Eight years later Henry finally submitted his resume and was hired!

Because he had such high regard for the school, Henry was eager to live up to its expectations. He explained, “In the past I worked for a number of other schools whose words didn’t match their actions. They said they wanted to help society but tended to look out for their own interests instead. Agua Viva is different, which is why I’ve worked hard to contribute to the school’s admirable mission.”

The spiritual guidance and encouragement that Henry has received from other teachers greatly benefited him. He learned to emulate their selfless example by donating school supplies to students whose families can’t afford the items. Over time these kind gestures have built bridges to the children, who now seek his advice whenever they have problems.

Working from home due to the pandemic has presented great challenges, but Henry continues to make himself available to the students. He enjoys praying with them as well as offering guidance whenever the need arises. “My desire is for the Lord to help me to be a good mentor,” said Henry.

Thank you for supporting Agua Viva and for providing the funds that allow us to hire excellent teachers such as Henry who minister to our students and our community!