Excited to Stay at Agua Viva

“Agua Viva is where I grew up and I can’t imagine going anywhere else!” said Erwin cheerfully when we asked him why he chose to enroll in our new high school program that focuses on computer science. Although he knows the course of study will be challenging, he’s also confident, explaining, “I don’t feel alone because I know my teachers will walk alongside me every step of the way.” While his long-term plan is to become a lawyer, he hopes that our computer courses and our special IT training program will help him to get a job so he can save for college. 

Erwin began attending Agua Viva in kindergarten and now his two younger siblings are students as well. Both his parents work long hours to provide for the family and they’re thankful for the financial assistance they receive through the school’s scholarship program. Because they can’t be at home as often as they’d like, Erwin selflessly has taken on the responsibility for his younger family members, making sure they complete their homework

“The thing I’ve missed most while we’ve been forced to study at home during the pandemic is the group devotional we used to have each day,” Erwin told us. “Those Bible studies challenged me in many areas of my life and they’re one of the reasons I decided to remain at Agua Viva. Along with my education, I know my teachers care about my spiritual life. I like how they bring God and Scripture into our school lessons.”

At Agua Viva we’re blessed to serve students like Erwin. Thank you for being a part of this important vision through your loving prayers and financial support. If you’re not already a sponsor, please consider becoming one today and help us to change lives for God’s glory!