Allan’s Advencement

Meet Allan, a recent high school graduate who is making waves in the local tech scene. Employed already by a local pharmacy store, he’s applying his tech skills in real-world scenarios, proving that the right education can open doors to exciting opportunities.

Allan, a valedictorian, began his education at Agua Viva, a school chosen by his parents for its Christian values and proximity. Over the years, he has valued the friendships and quality of education he received. These experiences, especially the Christian values, have shaped his work ethic. His boss at the pharmacy can’t stop praising his tech skills and his always-on-time attitude.

As a recent high school graduate, Allan is part of our first candidates to receive the Brittain Memorial College Scholarship and is all set for college. He’s got his eyes on a degree in Technology and Administration, which will boost his career prospects. Allan explained, “My boss sees a future for me in the company, maybe even managing a pharmacy branch. I can see myself there too.”

Allan has grown into a responsible young man who contributes to his household income and finds satisfaction in supporting his mother. Thanks to your support, students like Allan are not just transforming their own lives, but also making a positive impact in their communities for God’s glory, turning dreams into reality.